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It's business as usual for the Road Warrior alum, but for anyone who will call this Series their first, please read on to be sure you are familiar with the locations, policies, and all of the goodies we have in store for you.
MRTC is going GREEN! There are no hard copy registration forms in the RR or online. If you prefer to pay your RRS by check, please choose the MAIL-IN option at the Registration link (left side of this page), complete your online information, print the confirmation and send that with your check to:

PO Box 17981
Memphis, TN 38187-0981
Please review the bullet points, below, for information on
registration, mailing of bibs and chips, etc.
** If you register for the FULL SERIES or THE FIRST 5K we will be MAILING your bib and chip to you if you register prior to July 1st. Chips & bibs will begin mailing after June 1st.

Registration at-a-glance:

  • Full Series Pre-registration (prior to midnight July 11, 2015): $90 non members - $65 members
  • Full Series Late or Race-day registration: $115 non members - $90 members
  • Single Race Registration: $20
  • Late (after midnight prior to day of event) or Single Race-day registration: $25
  • Mini-series for ages 12 and under (prior to midnight July 11, 2015): $39
  • Mini-series for ages 12 and under (after midnight July 11, 2015): $53
  • IPICO Chip timing will be in use for the 2015 RRS! These are souvenir chips, which do NOT have to be turned in at the end of the series
  • If you register for the FULL SERIES or THE FIRST 5K we will be MAILING your bib and chip to you if you register prior to July 1st. Chips & bibs will mail after June 1st. 
  • All registrants after June 30th will need to pick up their chips and bibs on Saturday, July 11th to ensure they have them prior to the first race.
  • All registrations for either the full series OR the individual races after the first 5K will have to pick their packets up on race day, prior to 6:30 am.
  • If you have not received your bib and chip by about July 3rd PLEASE EMAIL aflanigan@memphisrunners.com so we can check on things. Back-up packets are available for pre-registrants; you must arrive prior to 6:30am on race day.
  • PINS and TIES will be available at the race sites and are not included in the mailing (they get smashed in the USPS machines).
  • We will have extra chips available for rental for emergencies, i.e. the chip got left on the shoes at home, the dog ate it (more than once, truly, silly dogs like chips!) etc.
  • Please pass this information along to your friends and family who may not receive our emails. Please also encourage your friends and family to register early and save themselves a drive to packet pickups on Saturday, July 11th!
  • Day of race registration/bib/packet pickup cut off times are also posted in the Roadrunner newsletter, on the MRTC website and on the MRTC Facebook page. MRTC makes every effort to transmit this information via email to its members and registrants, but accepts no responsibility for any email delivery failures. It is the runner's responsibility to know the rules of the Road Race Series and MRTC is not responsible for failure of any runner/participant to familiarize themselves with these rules.

2015 Race Dates:

  • 5K: July 12 & 26
  • 5-Miler: August 9 & 23
  • 10K: September 13 & 20 (Yes, these are back-to-back weekends this year!)
  • 10-Miler: October 4 & 18
  • Half Marathon: November 1 & 15


  • All races start at 7am on Sundays. Check Race Locations (to the left of this page) for race locations, directions, and USATF Certifications.
  • No awards given at individual races. Awards are Male/Female three-deep in Overall, Age Group, Master, Sr. Master and Grand Master, based on fastest cumulative time using the best time per distance.
  • To be eligible for a competitive award (overall, age-group or masters) you must complete at least one race of each distance. To be a "Road Warrior" you must run all 10 races. To be considered a "series finisher" you must complete either one race of each distance or any six races (Note: If you run any six races, but do not run at least one of each distance, you are not eligible for an age group or overall award.)
  • NO race substitutions are allowed. If you cannot make the RRS event we cannot substitute your results from another race.
  • NO strollers are allowed in the Series.
  • All participants who register for the entire series by September 6th may expect to pick up their technical shirt at any RRS races, beginning with the 10K.
  • All participants who register for the entire series at any time receive free entry to the Holiday Party on January 9, 2016. *Finisher’s Items* and awards not picked up at the Holiday Party will be available for pick up at time and location to be determined. The *Finisher’s Item* is separate from the technical shirt and available to ‘official finishers’ (all participants who have registered for the entire series at any time AND who have completed at least one of each distance OR at least six races overall). The special *Finisher’s Item* will be distributed at the Holiday Party January 9, 2016.
  • Single-race participants WILL NOT receive a technical shirt OR a *Finisher’s Item* but will be eligible to win a competitive award if he or she completes one race of each distance.
  • RRS Mini-Series for children ages 12 and under: Many specialists agree that pre-adolescent children should not run distances greater than 10K. Therefore, children ages 12 and under will not be allowed to compete in the 10 mile or half marathon distance events and will not receive an official time. In view of MRTC's commitment to health and fitness we have created a children's mini-series for children ages 12 and under, consisting of the two 5K's, two 5-Milers and two 10K’s. All participants who register for the entire Mini-Series will receive a shirt. Mini-series awards will be Overall, 3 deep, there will not be age group awards.
  • Questions on scoring or other rules may be directed to the MRTC Board of Directors where all decisions are final.
  • Time Limits ~~ For the safety of participants and to reduce the burden on our volunteers, all participants in the 10 Mile and Half Marathon distances will be required to maintain a minimum pace of 20 min/mile in order to be allowed to complete and receive a finishing time for those distances only. In the 10 Miler, those participants who do not reach the 8 mile water station by 2 hours 40 min after the start (approx. 9:40 am) will be offered a ride back to the finish area. Volunteers will start taking down the finish structure 3 hours 20 min after the race start (approx. 10:20 am). For the half marathon, volunteers will start taking down the finish structure 4 hour 22 min after the race start (approx. 11:22 am). Those participants who are not in a position to finish by that time will be offered a ride back to the finish area. Participants who intend to walk the entire RRS (or otherwise may not be able to maintain a 20 min/mile pace) are encouraged to do the first 6 events to guarantee their status as an ‘Official Finisher’.

Age groups:

12 & Under: Children's mini-series